The Plug Seedbank is more then just a seed company, we are a group of cannabis lovers and enthusiasts with years of experience and knowledge in the industry.

The Plug BCN decided to launch our own seed line using some of the worlds most stable genetics from the best of the best and teaming up with some amazing breeders to create some new award winning genetics.

All our seeds are tested before being released to the public to guarantee stableness and yields.

THC Valencia 2018 Rosin London Lemon THC Valencia 2018 Hash Jungle Scout Cookies
Spannabis 2017 Sativa Purple Lemon Cookies Amf Cup Hydroponics Headbanger
Amf Cup Rosin GG#4 Amf Cup Solvent Jew Gold
Elite Cup (Public Judge) Indica Purple Lemon Cookies Elite Cup (Public Judge) Sativa Super Silver Haze
Elite Cup (Public Judge) Solvent Plugbanger Shatter Elite Cup (Public Judge) Hybrid ODV3
Elite Cup (Public Judge) Edibles Coke Popz Elite Cup (Public Judge) Hash Super Lemon Haze Hash
Elite Cup (Judge) Indica Plugbanger Elite Cup (Judge) Sativa Super Silver Haze
Elite Cup (Judge) Hybrid ODV3 Elite Cup (Judge) Solvent Plugbanger
Elite Cup (Judge) Hash Super Lemon Haze Hash Secret Cup Barcelona Headbanger (With Team10 Extracts)
Secret Cup Finals Los Angeles Best Shatter Jew Gold Secret Cup Finals Los Angeles Overall
Masters Cup Barcelona Best Flower Headstash